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Have you taken your First Step?

Whether starting, expanding or fixing a new business - taking a step in a new direction can be scary. I use the term "Scary" because often, fear is exactly the emotion that we feel when doing something new.

So why are we often afraid of doing something new - something different? The fear of change is natural - and it's important that we understand that - and call it what it is. Fear.

Fear is such a powerful word - a powerful emotion - but it can't be overcome without first - acknowledging what it is - and second - facing it. If you find taking that first step hard - or that it feels impossible - like you're paralyzed or stuck in the mud - there is a fear that you haven't faced. Facing it is the only way to take that step.

For me - my fear was (is) a fear of failure. Typical - I know - but for me, that was it. When I first started as an entrepreneur - it felt like I was jumping out of a plane with a parachute that I packed myself. Trouble is - I have no idea how to pack a parachute! Having always worked for major corporations - there's a level of safety and security that you have that just does not exist in the world of the entrepreneur. It wasn't until I was able to articulate that fear - and face it - that I was able to take my First Step.

So - no matter what your First Step may be - if you feel apprehensive taking it - believe it or not - that's OK. Fear is a natural part of life - but we have to identify and face it to move forward and through it.

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